• Manufacturing
    We pride ourselves on more than 30 years
    of print and marketing know-how
    in shoebox and other packaging design
    and production. Our goal is to provide
    all of our customers with the highest
    quality product, delivered as-expected,
    and on-time.

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With our extensive group of manufacturing partners, we offer our customers highest-quality production when and where they need it. JCEdward quality control personnel have a presence in all of these facilities.

Before the printing process begins, a digital proof of the design is made and checked for accuracy. This step saves money by minimizing errors.

Prior to final printing, our color-match specialists use Color-Rite Software to make sure all colors match the original design.

Our vast facilities can produce boxes and other merchandise that use as little as one-color printing and as much as 10-color processing.

Each JC Edward box plant uses anti-abrasion ink. This prevents ink color from scratching or rubbing off. Finishes include matte, varnish, glossy, plastic, UV, hot stamping, embossing and silkscreen.

High-speed automatic machines produce uniform product that meets the most urgent delivery schedule and the highest quality needs.

JC Edward set-up boxes are assembled before delivery to shoe factories.

JCEdward quality-control experts inspect all merchandise before it leaves our manufacturing facilities.

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