- Eddie Ubell, President

Customer Testimonials

“Your team has been a crucial partner in making our meeting successful.  The premade boxes were a great help, and as always looked phenomenal. A lot of comments from people regarding the perceived value the boxes have.”
“The quality and delivery of your products is consistently at a high level, and your service to our vendor base is excellent. In addition, your team’s ability to react when the situation is urgent is key to what makes JCEdward
a valued partner.”
Chinese Laundry
“Eddie Ubell is always available for a discussion or an update which give us confidence that our communication is productive. The final product is a result of a well run operation, talented people and quality materials.”
Chinese Laundry
White Mountain Footwear
“They are honest and always respond quickly to our requests. Our product looks great at retail and most importantly our retailers have been pleased. I would recommend working with JCEdward as it will make your life easier.”
White mountain
“I consider JCEdward an extremely high quality partner who has gone above and beyond in regards to meeting our quality and timelines for our packaging needs.”
MeToo Shoes
“Throughout the course of our business together, they have been consummate professionals,
and have helped beyond expectations.”
Me too
Steve Madden
“Most of the time we do not take the time to thank people for a job well done. With that in mind I think it is important to thank you and your team for the fine service that you give us at Steve Madden. Your people have always been able to solve any problem we threw at them. JCEdward has been servicing this account for four years and we never once had a service issue.”
Steve Madden
Kenneth Cole
“JCEdward has been Kenneth Cole’s shoe box provider for over 10 years. Their extensive knowledge and expertise has provided us with the best quality and most innovative programs for our brands.The team offers great ideas and various options for the most effect designs. Their reputation is renowned and well respected. JCEdward is a terrific partner, and they provide continuous support to the Kenneth Cole business. It’s a pleasure working with the team.”
Ralph Lauren
“We have been 100% satisfied with their performance in every way. They have shown top quality service, while keeping the day to day operations transparent to Polo. I applaud them for their efforts to be personally involved.”
Ralph Lauren
Titan Industries
“The cooperation of the JCEdward team has been of the highest level. They respond quickly and without a fuss to the needs of our staff and our shoe factories.
Titan Industries
Schwartz & Benjamin
“Doing business with JCEdward and its very attentive management will be an excellent experience in addition to detail, follow up, cooperation and competiveness. They are always on the cutting edge of the new Green drive and other packaging newness.”

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