Our skilled management team, and our attention to our customers’ needs make JCEdward Corporation one of the world’s leading packaging solutions suppliers. Our innovative approach and global access endures competitive pricing and product available where you need it.

Our company’s expert multi-lingual staff as well as our design, marketing, optimization, and distribution professions provide excellent service to more than 150 global brands that we currently serve.

Seymour Ubell


Seymour Ubell has spent most of his business career in the print and advertising business. His clients are, and have been, the largest apparel and footwear companies in the world. His experience and skills in color control and print production significantly contribute to the success of JCEdward Corporation. Mr. Ubell founded JCEdward Corporation in 1995, with his niche idea for developing quality and uniform shoeboxes as a serious marketing tool for major USA shoe manufacturers. JCEdward is now a staple in any successful shoe company.




Edward Ubell
Edward Ubell


Edward Ubell was exposed to the footwear industry from an early age. At 16 years old, he worked in a shoe factory in China that serviced prominent American shoe companies. The following year, Edward lived in Paris and worked for the largest printing company in Europe. With a degree in Art and Design from Bennington College, Mr. Ubell combines a strong knowledge of the shoe industry with printing mechanics and aesthetics to create luxury-branding items for the largest companies in the fashion and footwear industries. Additionally, he oversees the company’s Research and Development Department, which keeps JCEdward Corporation on the cutting edge of sustainable material technologies.

Harry Kubetz
Harry Kubetz

Sr. VP of Operations

Harry Kubetz studied Biology and Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College. He began his career as a systems engineer at IBM. After half a decade, his uncle recruited him to help with the family business: shoes. With over thirty of years experience in the footwear industry including executive positions at Candies and Kenneth Cole, Harry now uses his sourcing expertise and administrative abilities to oversee JCEdward Corporation’s special projects, handle the day-to-day operations of the firm, and open up new markets for production. He is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Mary Tang

Managing Director – Asia Operations

Ms. Tang brings expertise in production, marketing and customer service to JCEdward Corporation. Born in Qingdao and educated at the Nanjing University of Chemical Technology, she is at the helm of the firm’s Asia Operations, a vast network of factories and mills throughout the continent. It is through Ms. Tang’s efforts that the company delivers its high quality products and competitive pricing. She is the linchpin between the firm and its clients’ factories and agents. Ms. Tang has been commended by Chinese news organizations as one of her country’s few female corporate officers to head a major multinational corporation. She is fluent in English and Chinese.

Larry Cui

Sr. VP of Production

Mr. Cui joined JCEdward Corporation in 2004 as the firm’s Accounting Department Manager. Since then he has become Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer dealing with all aspects of the company’s financial, production, and day-to-day office operations. Mr. Cui is an integral part of JCEdward Corporation’s management team contributing practical and innovative ideas, working with clients to develop their brand, and managing the staff and finances of the firm. He is fluent in English and Chinese, and holds a degree from Queens College in New York.

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